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定语从句例句带翻译有哪些?3、Those who were trapped under the ruins finally got rescued.那些被困在废墟里的人已经得救了。4、The earthquake about

求20句定语从句及其翻译I do not like the boy whose shoes are dirty我不喜欢鞋子脏的男孩。Teach dislike the student who does not like study老师

定语从句的例句翻译:农村出现了前所未有的繁荣。5、The package which/that you are carrying is about to come unwrapped.

定语从句 翻译句子2 你知道汤姆昨天为什么没来吗Do you know why Tom didn't come yesterday?3 在哪边擦地板的女士是谁 Who is the madam

定语从句~~句子+翻译(注:以上三句运用了定语从句。)(39)Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. (hatch vt. 孵出) 小鸡孵出前

用定语从句翻译下列句子1. Yesterday I bought a book whitch author is a blind.2. my office that is at the building's second floor is very

定语从句例句带翻译(四年级)I speaking English and it's a lovely language, i like the sound. In fact i love listening to English music and this

请用定语从句翻译句子回答:1.Have they told you the reason why they want you to do that? 2. Xiaoming has gone to the store where he

用定语从句翻译句子3、The place where we will visit is in the southeast part of American.4、If tommorrow were Christmas,we would stay in

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