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Hello,I am Mike

Hello, My name is Mike Green, I am in class 317,grade one, Puer junior middle school.

你好,我是吴一凡的英语 Hello, I am Wu Yifan.重点词汇 hello 英 [h'l] 美 [hlo] int.哈喽,喂; 你好,您好; 表示问候; 打招呼 n.“喂”的招呼声或问候声;vi.喊“喂”;扩展资料1.I answered the phone and this voice went, "Hello?

你好,我是迈克.这是我的父亲,布朗先生Hello, I'm Mike. This is my father, Mr. Brown.你好,我是迈克.这是我的父亲,布朗先生Hello, I'm Mike. This is my father, Mr. Brown.

你好!正确答案为: bob fought with mike at school.fight with sb 和某人打架^___^祝你学习进步!如果对你有所帮助,请千万别忘记采纳哟!***************************************

你好我是萨拉 hello, i am sarah.hi, i'm sarah.

Hello, I'm Sala.读音:哈喽,哎么萨啦

我爸爸的名字是迈克 My dad's name is MikeMy father's name is Mike

那本书是你的吗,迈克?是的,它是我的. Is that book yours, Mike? Yes, it is mine.

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