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所以星期一是我最喜爱的一天 So Monday is my favorite day.所以星期一是我最喜爱的一天 So Monday is my favorite day.

所以星期一是我最喜爱的一天可以翻译为:So I like Monday best.或者So Monday is my favourite day .

One of my favorite day is Monday

Today is Monday,my favourate day.

monday is my favourite day

我们经常在星期二上体育课,所以星期二是我最喜欢的一天.英语翻译We usually have PE class on Tuesday, so Tuesday is my favourite.

My favorite day I am a student, in all my school days, I like Tuesday best , Why? Because it have PE class that day ,I can have fun and breathe the fresh air. We can take a lot of sports. We play basketball, football and practice run. It's fun, and

in seven days of a week, i like saturday best. on saturday, i needn't go to school and i have no classes. i can do what i like. for example, i can go into the street to buy something, i can go to the zoo to visit the animals, and i can go to visit my friends.

我给的比较多,可以从中摘抄一些Today is Sunday.It is sunny.I don't go to school.I want go shopping.I get up at 6:30 in the morning.I have some cereal and an egg for breakfast.I go out at 8:00.The shop i

您好:Which day do you like best from Monday to Friday?如果对你有帮助,请采纳!祝你学习更上一层楼,数学辅导团为你解决疑问!

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