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Sales Company 简写那就是S.C.吧

"Thank you all" 例句1.我先在这里谢谢大家了.Here I thank you all in advance.2.这就是我,谢谢大家!This is me, thank you everybody!

谢谢大家 Thank you all.【双语例句】1、谢谢大家,再见.Thank you all. See you! 2、谢谢大家参加我们今天晚上的活动.Thank you all for joining us this evening. 3、我在这儿过得很愉快,你们一直都对我很好,谢谢大家.I was really happy

好多单词错只能找此翻译我们是喜悦的是通知您, 被证实的, 一成不变的L/C NO.7634, amountinq 到$3500, 今晨被打开了通过Districk 银行, 有限公司, 曼彻斯特, 收到L/C, 请arranqe 发货后物品由我们预定没有最少延迟.我们由地方运输公司通知, S.S ' Bronick ' 是线索风帆从您的城市对我们的口岸在或关于9月10 日并且, 如果可能, 您接近的coopercetion 在这respeci 请将被赞赏.您的colse coppercetion 在这respeci 将是apperciated .我们同时等候您的运输忠告由缆绳.

If there are something u don't like or don't satisfied with me , please tell me , i'll try my best to correct. Thanks

the peoples like living in diffirent palce in my hometown.some likes living in the city, because they can go shopping in big shopping mails and buy all kinds of things, also go to many parks and theaters.some like living in the country. the air is fresh

她举起手,稍稍地伸出拇指指向她的主导手指,并保持那样的姿势,大约有5、6英寸文本(厚). 大概意思是这样,不过翻译还是要看环境(文章上下文)的,希望对你有帮助!

Most of the students in China are in Chinese language environment of single English learning, many students already used in mother tongue thinking to learn a second language in the classroom, and outside rarely have opportunity to learn English,

Thanks!Thank you everybody!对于谢谢大家的帮忙可以这么说:Thank you for your help!Thank you for everyone's help!Thank you for all of your help!地道一点的说法:谢谢大家.I would like to thank you,one and all.如果是演讲完了后,说谢谢大

About the two cabinets stopped by Custom house in Nov. 1st, the shipping company noted that no any room for storehouse yesterday. So for the cabinets, we have to make it next shipping in Thursday.

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