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英语翻译一下:宝贝别怕 有我在

Don't frighten baby,I'm here.

Baby, don't worry, I'm there

Don't afraid .I'll stand by you.

宝贝,靠近我,有我在你什么都别怕. Baby, close to me. Please fear nothing because I am here

Don't worry,baby. I 'll be always here with you

Honey, don't be afraid. I'm with you.

Don't freak out. You have me.

Be easy,my sweat. I will be there for you forever.中国式翻译真要命啊

Don't be afraid,I'm here.别怕,有我了.更为准确!Don't worry!I'm here.别担心,有我了.希望对你有所帮助!

“别害怕,有我在”的英文翻译“别害怕,有我在”"Don't be afraid, I'm here." “别害怕,有我在”的英文翻“别害怕,有我在”"Don't be afraid, I'm here."

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