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On the fifth grade English book of 35 pages.


对应的英语:1) It has two long ears and a short tail. it jumps fast. it is white.(兔子)2) It has two round eyes and a long tail in his flat long body. It can swim in water.(鱼)

你好~ 36和内37也是不是分数的意义啊~ 如果是的话 36页答案:550 200 2080 300 700 1890 36.9 6440 360 63 162 115 2040 32 304 440 960 130 三分之容一 六分之四 八分之四 四分一 八分之三 二分之一 六分之三 二分之一 五分之三 37页答案:1 五分之.

1 Spring Festival 、Yes,I did2 last Halloween 、No,I didn't3 eat moon cakes 、Yes, I did4 Did you watch Dragon Boat race? No,I didn't.


English Book 2 of Grade Five on page 24


I think I'am pretty healthy. I exercise five times a week.My eating habits are pretty good.I eat vegetables and drink milk every day,but I don't like to eat fruit.I never drink coffee.I love junk food and eat it three or four times a week.I sleep for nine hours every night. 选我喽……(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

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