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Classroom rules.First you are expected to reach school on time and never be late.(按时到校,不要迟到)Second during the classes every student should obey the teachers and listen to the teacher carefully and quietly.(上课时要听从老师安排,

don't run in the hallweys.don't fight.don't arrive late for class,so we must be on time.and we must clean classroom everyday.then we can't bring players to school.

课桌、椅子摆放整齐keep your desks and chairs ordered保持教室内肃静,不准喧哗、打闹和随意嬉戏keep quite.No shouting, slapstick and free play要爱护使用教室内外的一切物品To protect the use of everything inside and outside the classroom

we have rules everywhere.we have a lot of rules in our classroom ,too.we mustn't eat or drink in the classroom.we must listen to our teachers in the class.we mustn't draw on the desk.all in all ,we must keep all the rules.

lassroom rules课堂规则 拼音 双语对照 classroom rules网络课堂规则; 班规; 教室规则双语例句1you are responsible to help the teacher to enforce

1. come to class on time. standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will constitute a tardy. you must be inside the door when it begins ringing to be counted on time. 2. begin the warm up activity within one minute after

in the classroom,you are expected torespect the teachers and classmatesbe concentratedbe polite and active.clean the blackboard before the classNo sleeping.No eating.No cellphones or game players.这个连接挺好的,比我说的好

Our school have a new School Law,teacher said that everyone in our school must fallow it or we'll be educat!The Law is:1.student can't say anyhing during the class,expect the teacher askyou some question!2.student can't eat anything in the


一.体育锻炼及集会 1.早操迟到(以进行曲停为准),做操不认真,排队列不整齐的同学罚跑足球场两圈. (此项由体育委员负责执行). 2. .课间操迟到(以进行曲停为准),做操不认真,排队列不整齐的同学罚跑足球场两圈.(此项由体

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