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在百度网页网站上搜索 英汉翻译 马上就有在线翻译网站出现了!! 把需要翻译的段落复制上. enter 就ok了!!

the introduction of foreign ladybug species or several other factors.国外瓢虫物种或几种其它的基因.The photos will be used to build a ladybug database. There are about 5000 species of ladybug, also known as lady beetles.照片可以用来建立一个

原发布者:牛有牛的道理 天津的英语介绍Tianjinisafamouscityinchina,standingbyBoHaisea,Iwasborninhere.AndTianjinistheeconomycenterofnorthchina.Ithaslonghistoryandrichculture.Inthecity,thereisalargerivercalls“haihe”,


Skeptics are strange lot. 许多怀疑论者是非常奇怪的. Some of them refuse to admit the serious threat of human activities to the enviroment, and they are tired of people who disagree with them. 他们中的一些人拒绝承认人类活动是严重威胁环境的

字面意思是:一个人会觉得 .不过应该结合具体语境来翻译.

2005年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(天津卷)When I was four years old I got ill. I took medicine twicea day. The medicine had so a bitter taste that I took it mixed in 56.___________orange juice. The problem was that I can still taste the

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