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大学英语四级作文有没有万能套句?(2) In the first place, it is noticeableof our country, we should always do sth.(

英文论文写作有哪些需要注意的细节?列举时,用first/second/third/last,不要用firstly(The country's official name includes "the"

麻烦各位帮我翻译一篇文章.谢谢.!Holiday economy is accompanied by China's first "Golden Week" to arise. In September 1999, as China's national

给我些有哲理的英文美句.5.世上的姑娘总以为自己是骄傲的公主(除了少数极丑和少数极聪明的姑娘例外) Girls always look on themselves as proud

有关李娜夺冠消息的 英文新闻(一) Li Na wins women's French Open final Li Na wins it all at Roland Garros PARIS - History-making tennis

usedare“copper”and“bobby”.Thefirstnamecomes答案:1.B;2.A;3.D;4.A;提示:(1) 推断题。从An early nickname for the policeman

2020年12月四级作文预测是什么类型呢?这个问题还是要总结下以前的考试题目都有哪些类的 根据经验每年会有ABC三套卷子,虽然有三套卷子,但是

做高考英语完型填空有啥子套路么?a woman remembered the first meeting of an introductory__36__(同义pointed C. shouted D. waved Cloze 10 People from every corner

高考英语作文如何开篇给批卷老师“惊艳”的感觉?例句:The new secretary takes dictation very From my point of view,… As far as I am

留学申请文书的个人陈述开头怎么写才能有吸引力?write the perfect introductory sentence, write the body of the statement first. Start with the

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