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In the past, my hometown was very small. People there lived a poor life. They lived in old houses. Rubbish was seen here and there. Few visitors came here. Great changes have taken place here. You can see tall buildings, big department stores and

In the past,my hometown was not very big, people lived a poor life. The houses were old and small.Pollution was serious,and there was rubbish everywhere.the traffic was not very convenient that so few people came here.Now great changes have

there is just one best place for everyone,that is his nativetown.my hometown is called taiping,which means peace in chinese, now gets more attractive. taiping town is in qinzhou state,guangxi province,belongs to the linshan county.i can still

As we all know, China has been developing extremely fast in different aspects of our life. There are also many places becoming more and more morden in our socienty. Our hometown is one of those places which have changed a lot. The followings

My hometown used to be a clean place. The estate is full of greeneries and no one litters. Ever since some stupid clowns said that they discovered an old emperor tomb in the estate. Many cheapskates also came to dig holes in my hometown. Now

great changes have taken place in my hometown. in the past, people live in a low house. farmer planted crops with the help of animals. they worked very hard. students had to study in very old school. the environment was very bad. now things have

1. Changes in My Hometown In recent years, my hometown has changed greatly, because of new road and railway has been built.Previously, my hometown was closed to the outside world.Several years ago, the government paid much money on

changes in my hometown Different people may have different hometowns.But ,of course ,they must have changed in some ways. In the past few years, great changes have taken place in my hometown. Let me tell you about it in details.

I used to live in a small town with no tall buildings. The street was narrow. There was a river outside the town. We can see many different kinds of fish swimming in the clear water. 以前我住在一个小镇,没有高楼建筑.街道很窄.小镇外有一条小河

great changes in my hometown i used to live in a small town with trees all around. there was no tall building and the only street was narrow. just outside the town, there was a river. you can see different kinds of fish swimming in the clear water.

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