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My healthy lifestyle I think I'm very healthy.Because I have a healthy lifestyle.I often exercise.It helps me keep in good healthy.I eat fruit every day.I love vegetables and eat them three times a week.And I usually drink milk.I sometimes drink coffee.I eat

My healthy life style The definition of “e79fa5e98193e78988e69d8331333264623838Healthy Life Style” include a positive living attitude towards life, eating a balanced diet, exercises regularly, which is three to five times a week with at least thirty

Healthy lifestyle Nowadays,with more and more people caring about their health,It's very important to have a healthy lifestyle.How to keep a healthy lifestyle?There are some

My lifestyle is healthy. I do exercise regularly. I seldom stay up. I go to sleep at 9:00 pm. I don't smoke or drink beer. I have good eating habits. I often eat vegatables and fruits I don't eat junk food. Health is very important. I like my healthy lifestyle.

Planning 作业吧

I always go to company on foot.I think walking is good exercise. He exercises every day. Because he knows junk food is bad for his healthy. He eats it once a week and he watches TV once a week. He is a good student. He does his homework every

I look after my health,and my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades and study better.

a healthy lifestyle a healthy lifestyle needs a lot of details that needs our attention . frist of all,we need to sleep to guarantee .every day should also be kept more than eight hours of sleep time .of course ,too much sleep also it is bad for health .the best

my lifestyleI have a very healthy lifestyle.I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning,)then I do some exercise.I exercise every day because that is good for my health.I have a regulated eating habit,because I like eating vegetables and fruits.I eat vegetables in

My Healthy Lifestyle I have a healthy lifestyle. I have good eating habbits. I eat vegetables every day. I try to eat less meat. I eat fruit every day. My favorite fruit is apples. Oh,I never drink coffe or cola. I know coffe and cola are bad for health. And maybe

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