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my sChool英语作文5句

my school is very beautiful. it is in单户厕鞠丿角搽携敞毛 guicheng, near the qiandeng lake. do you know it? it is nanhai experimental primary school. i like my school very much. there is a big playground in my school. we have p.e. class on the playground and

My school I study in a beautiful school. There are many trees and flowers in campus. It's green all the year round. There are three buildings in my school. Two of them are teaching buildings and one is office and library. Our classroom is large and

My school我的学校My school is a nice and huge.I very like it.我的学校是一个漂亮并大的地方.It's hvae five big teaching building.one playground ,It's red and gueen,and two

my school is very beautiful,there have many f riendly classmates and teachers .i love my school,because in there i learned many knowlegeable and have so many good friends.also my school have flowers,trees and so on .although now i left school,

my school this is my school, it is so big and beautiful. school classroom very capacious, also extremely clean, our teacher is very friendly to us. our school is in stationery shop opposite. our school learning environment is very good. we study at school

我的学校我的学校是个美丽的地方.我在学校有许多好朋友.我的学校的环境非常好,老师们也很好.我爱我的学校My schoolMy school is a beautiful place. I have many good friends in my school. My school environment is very good, teachers are also very good. I like my school

My schoolMy school is Primary School. It's in Village, District, City.There are many trees and grass in my school. There are students and teachers in my school. I love my school very much.My birthdayMy birthday is on Jan./Feb./Mar./June/

My School Day I get shcool at seven in the moring everyday.At 8:30 I start my shool day.In the morning,there are four classes .I have four classes In the afternoon,too.My favorite subject is English ,because my English teacher is so nice and humorous.

I have had a very beautiful school day.That is our celebration for our school`s 70th birhday.we dancing ,singing and speeking our fellings.how happy we were!It was the best day i had .仅供参考 满意请采纳 谢谢

my shcool life starts from 7:30am. 我的校园生活从早上7点30分开始.i do the morning reading with my classmates. 我们全班要进行早读.then have to do the eye exercises after 2 lessons. 然后在两节课后进行眼保健操.during the 40 minutes break,

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