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求一篇 my family 英语作文,150--200词。There are five people in my family--my parents, my brother, my sister and I.My father is 48 years old . He is

【以myfamily为题的英语作文】My family 我的家庭there are 3 members in our family,my father,my mother and i.we

我想要一篇《My family》的英语作文,150字以上My family I have a small family.There are three people in my family-my mum, my dad and me.My mother is a doctor

MyfamiLy的英语作文回答:楼主会采纳吗? 不采纳不答。。。。



帮忙写一篇英语作文,题目是my family,150字左右There are five people in my family. They are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother and I . My father

Myfamily的英语作文怎么写My Family Everyone has a family. We live in it and feel very warm. There are three persons in my family, my mother,

my family的英语作文(要简短的)There are three people in my family .There are my father ,my mother and I.My father is tall and strong .He likes

myfamily英语作文10句In a word,my family is full of happiness.I have a very happy family.There are four people in my family--my parents

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