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您好:There are many rules in my family.And most of them are about me.For example,on weekdays I have to get up early in the morning; I can't watch TV or go out on school nights; I have to go home quickly after school.There are too many!I feel my

my family rules in my home, my parents are strict with me. on the school night, mom don't allow me to go out and watch tv. on weekends, my parents often ask me to do some housework, they tell me how important study is. so every night, i have to

my rule at home Different people have different rules at home,so do I.I usually go out to play until I finished my homework.I go to bed earily and wake up earily.And I also obey my families words.Both of my parents are prond of me.译文:不同的人有不同的家规,我也一样.我通常是在我写完作业之后再出去玩.我早睡早起,同时,我也很听我家人的话.我的父母为我感到骄傲.

The rules at home and at school There are a lot of rules in my life. For example, when I am in the school, i am supposed to wear the uniform. I have to submit my homework on time and listen to the teachers carefully. I shouldn't be late for any class or

Every family has a lot of rules and the rules are different. What rules do you have at home? I have lots of rules at my home. For example, I have to stay at home every night. On weekend, I'm allowed to go shopping with my mother and play with my

every year a lot of people got injured or died in traffic accidents. it is reported that many accidents resulted from people's breaking of traffic rules. so it is necessary for all to keep the traffic rules in mind and obey them strictly. when one crosses the

Talk about your rules at home1. Should be polite to the parents; No parents spoke loudly;2. To finish the homework at home;3. Watch TV time not more than 1 hours a day;4. To clean my room, to help parents do some housework; 5. Save water and

safety rules

My home has many rules .I must get up at 6:00.Then I brush my teeth and wash my face.I have to eat breakfast .I must go to school at 6:30.I must get to home before 5:30.Then I must do my homework first .I can't watch TV .I can't see friends on school

school rules different schools have different rules.they can us be good students.let's me tell you my school rules. first,we're not be allowed to go to school late.it's can make teachers happy and want to teach us. second,we should keep our classroom

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