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waiting for love 中文谐音:歪听 否 辣舞 英式音标:['wet] [f:] [lv] 美式音标:['wet] [f] [lv] 中文释义:等待爱情

waitingforlove 等到爱

waiting for love--等爱 外听 佛 辣舞

歌曲名:《waiting for love》歌手:medina 所属专辑:《forever》发行时间:2012-06-01 发行公司:华纳音乐 歌词:it's like were connected, it's like i'm infected.saw you and expected something would go down.this feeling's electric, it

你需要的是这个吗,要是的话,求采纳https://www.baidu.com/s?wd=waiting%20for%20love&tn=98012088_4_dg&ch=10&ie=utf-8&hl_tag=flayer 歌名:Waiting for Love[1] 歌手:Avicii Where there's a will, there's a way, kind a beautiful 有志者事竟

waiting for my的译音

yo i m waiting for the song so long t v x q han sheng ling nan guo laoguo mei na gei ha geiso xin jiang lao bo qo lo kan man zu gei quo kuna ga suo tu guo ai ge i ve been hurting so much mo duo pang dui ha nei kunue nagei number 1 ke gei na duo

waiting for love的英标如下.英 [wet f(r) lv] 美 [wet fr,f v] 意思是等待爱情.

Waiting For Love等待爱情Waiting For Love等待爱情

歌曲名:Waiting For Love歌手:Medina专辑:ForeverMedina-Waiting for LoveIt's like were connected, it's like i'm infected.Saw you and expected something would go down.This feeling's electric, it came undetected,Like i've been

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